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Integration is #1 Factor in Replacing Martech Apps

Marketers keep replacing major martech apps, integration #1 factor for replacements

Integration is #1 Factor in Replacing Martech Apps

My friends at MarTech.org not too long ago launched their newest Martech Alternative Survey 2022, the place marketers shared which applications they’ve replaced in excess of the past 18 months, what their primary motivation was in accomplishing so, and what were their most essential components in choosing the alternative alternative.

Marketing and advertising automation (24%), CRM (23%), Seo (23%), e-mail marketing (22%), and function/task administration (19%) applications were being the most regularly replaced.

As I highlighted in blue in the chart higher than, the #1 most normally cited element in selecting their replacement answer was integration capabilities/open API — selected by 56% respondents, up 13% details from the identical study in 2021.

It’s a prime 5 topic of this decade in martech: platforms, networks & marketplaces.

Of study course, this isn’t to say that the other things — expense, support, stability, etc. — weren’t vital also. But the factor that most marketers agreed on was integration. If it won’t integrate with the relaxation of the tech stack, every thing else is moot. It’s the tree that falls in the forest with no any one all around to hear it.

The second most widespread issue was info centralization/data abilities (picked out by 50% of respondents), which is carefully tied to integration. Right after all, details is the foundational layer of integrations.

Tied in second also with 50% was “ability to measure ROI” — which is going to be on the major of everyone’s minds in our tighter overall economy. But to evaluate ROI, you want the data. And to get the data, you need to have integrations. These three variables are certain alongside one another by atomic forces.

But what enthusiastic marketers to search for out a substitute remedy in the 1st position?

Primary Motivation in Replacing a Martech System

When looking to change a industrial app (the survey addresses replacement of homegrown apps independently), the #1 inspiration was much better attributes (53%). Of course, this can make perception. Marketers appear to martech to give them the capabilities vital to carry out in continually shifting and evolving markets. What you can do issues.

Having said that, I would have expected the #2 enthusiasm to be expense — looking for an alternative remedy to cut down charges. That was the survey end result in 2021.

But in 2022, greater/less difficult integration was the second most common motivation (24%, up 5% factors from 2021) to search for a substitution application. Primarily, a need for greater integration induced 1 out of every single 4 martech app substitute jobs.

Which is quite extraordinary.

I’ve stated this quite a few times prior to to martech product groups: the industry is talking to you with a good booming voice in the sky, “Treat integration as a very first-class characteristic!”

More and more, the martech business — and the SaaS universe much more broadly — have taken this to coronary heart. A new investigation report from Pandium on the Point out of Integrations and APIs at 400 SaaS Organizations reveals that 86% of the Prime 100 SaaS companies in the planet now have a community integration marketplace. (73% of them have an in-application market.)

Public Integration Marketplaces in Martech and SaaS

That is spectacular and a potent testomony to the worth of app ecosystems for key SaaS businesses.

But what is even much more telling is that 31% of seed-stage SaaS startups now feature a community integration market also. Nearly 1 out 3 SaaS startups — which are primarily strapped for time and resources, compelled to make pretty really hard selections about what to prioritize — have selected to prioritize building both integrations and a marketplace to make it quick for clients to explore and use them.

It’s heartening to see martech prospective buyers and sellers agree: integration is crucial.

We still have more to go on this journey of martech platforms and ecosystems. But as an marketplace, at least’s we’re all marching in the exact course with a a great deal a lot more seamlessly and powerfully integrated foreseeable future on the horizon in advance.

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