Tips on Choosing a Motorcycle Tires

Anne E. Evans

Tips on Choosing a Motorcycle Tires. Motorcycle tires are an important component of motorbikes because they can affect driving comfort and safety. Buying a motorcycle tire, it’s really easy and difficult. There are tons of motorcycle tire brands available, but it makes me confused about which one to choose. From the development of a suitable and fashionable flow to a relative price.

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As a motorcycle user, you need to know the important parts of your motorcycle.

Tips on Choosing a Motorcycle Tires

  • Motorcycle Wheel Size.
    Motorcycle tire wheels consist of alloy wheels and motorcycle tires. Although it looks trivial, you need to know the size of your motorcycle wheels so as not to use the wrong motorcycle tires.
    In some cases, the difference in tire size with wheel size makes the composition not fit. Motorcycle tires that are too small from the wheels make the distance of the wheels with the tires too close so that they can be hit with uneven ground surfaces.
    Choose the best motorcycle tires brand and make sure the tire size is in accordance with your motorcycle wheels.
  • Tire Compound.
    When buying motorcycle tires, you also need to know the type of motor tire compound that will be used.
    There are 3 types of tire compounds: hard compound, soft compound and a medium compound which is neither soft nor hard.
    These three types of compounds have their advantages and disadvantages.
    Each motorcycle tire brand has a compound quality that matches the same driving safety standards.
  1. The soft compound is generally used for racing activities because it grips the asphalt surface more. 
  2. The hard compound will be better used on dry roads with standard speeds between 40-60 km/hour. 
  3. The medium compound is a tire compound commonly found on motorcycle tires that are sold in the market. 
  • Tire Flow.
    As you know, motorcycle tires have grooves on the tire surface. Each type of motorcycle brand has a different groove.
    The function of the tire groove is to break down the pool of water when a motorcycle tire crosses a wet road.
    Make sure you choose a motorcycle tire with the right groove.
    Not only in accordance with the style of your motorcycle but also with optimal functions according to your driving path in daily activities.
  • Tire Type.
    Motorcycle tires consist of 2 types of tires namely tube-type motorcycle tires and tubeless motorcycle tires.
    Tubetype motorcycle tires are motorcycle tires consisting of outer tires and inner tires. Generally, tube type motorcycle tires are used on a motorcycle with alloy wheels.
    While tubeless tires are outer tires that can be directly mounted on motorcycle wheel wheels without inner tubes. Tubeless tires are usually used on motorcycles with racing wheels.


One way to maintain the quality of a best motorcycle tire is to keep the wind level in the tire consistent; not too little, or not too hard. Rise and fall of wind levels in tires can cause bald tires quickly if used for a long time. Make sure you always check the air pressure on the tire at least once a week. Do not let the tires lack of air because it can reduce comfort and safety in air

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