The Benefits of White Glove Delivery Service

Benefits of Using Professional White Glove Home Delivery Service

If you have items that are valuable that you want to be transported with extra attention then you have probably heard of white glove delivery. When you try white glove delivery service, such as the dedicated truck shipping by Sure Logix LLC, not only do you invest in premium but your freight is transported with the most care. 

The benefits of white glove delivery service are that it is above other services when it comes to being the best of the best in terms of using a courier service. As a customer, you would want to avail a business that is offering this kind of service as it is unique and useful. As a business, you would want to start offering white glove delivery so that you gain the upper hand among your competitors. 

What is white glove shipping?

White glove shipping is when the delivery of a product to a specified room inside a residential home or a commercial business. In addition to delivery, the courier provides that white glove service then provides unpacking and installation of the products being delivered. After installment, the courier will then take extra steps to ensure that there is no damage and that everything is working properly. 

When you take the chance and invest in white glove shipping you get superior service. Your freight will be treated extra carefully during the transportation period and will be unpacked with the utmost care. The movers will also go the extra mile and dispose of any packing material such as boxes or plywood so the area is clean. You will find them as the best professional movers – at the level of what you can expect at

Is white glove delivery worthwhile?

Basically, when you avail white glove delivery you won’t do any hard work or move a muscle as the movers will deliver and unpack the delivery for you and will even clean up after themselves. 

White glove delivery is worthwhile as this service is best utilized for large freights that are prone to damage such as a piano, pallets of delicate goods, and expensive furniture. Those are such important deliveries that you would want them to be handled with extra care. 

3 Benefits of White Glove Delivery

  1. Reduce Damage

Customers receiving broken or damaged items from delivery is more common than you think. White glove delivery takes extra precautions that this does not happen so the one receiving the package will have peace of mind knowing that their precious package is being handled and delivered by a reliable business that is specially trained for such packages to reach their respective destinations safely. 

White glove delivery not only gives peace of mind but also as a business owner you will be stress free knowing that your customers will not complain of packages or items that are damaged. In the long run, you save more money as fewer and fewer customers will ask for packages being returned or refunds. 

  1. Improve Customer Service

The delivery industry is stronger than ever with more customers looking for fast delivery options such as next-day delivery for their packages. White glove delivery will be able to give customers this service and chances are, customers will choose businesses who have this option over others. 

There are new delivery companies popping up as more and more people are choosing to stay at home and wanting products, food items, and other apparel delivered to their doorstep quickly and efficiently. White glove delivery will leave customers feeling satisfied with their experience of having their delivery treated with extra care. 

If your business offers white glove delivery, customers will be more aware of your brand as positive feedback comes from having delivered customer’s packages to their satisfaction. 

  1. Environmental Benefits

The best thing about white glove deliveries is that you have the option of scheduling when the deliveries happen such as at specific timings so that you won’t miss any deliveries. 

When you schedule deliveries, the delivery route can benefit you economically. You can also save the environment since delivery companies will unpack and clean up the excess packaging, they will dispose of it properly so they will end up in their proper disposal areas rather than in a landfill. 

How much does white glove delivery service cost?

Due to the extra care in a white glove delivery service, the cost can reflect it. These are factors that affect the cost of a white glove delivery service. 

Location:  Transportation services frequent some places more than others. Large cities get more traffic and more delivery while smaller and farther rural towns get less deliveries. 

Distance:  from your package’s origin to its destination is one factor. Transporting packages takes time and energy and this equates to money for the courier. 

Delivery: Where would you like the courier to deliver your package in your home? Do you need the movers to climb 4 stories worth of stairs? Or is your house found at the end of a 10-mile off-road?

Product Specifications: It requires more energy to transport 200-pounds worth of special and delicate furniture than 100-pounds of special and delicate furniture. It is harder to transport uniquely shaped items than the usual square boxes. These special considerations cost more. Delivery Schedule: If you want a package delivered the next day or during holidays, it will cost you more. It places extra care on your delivery service and often costs them money for overtime or additional wages.