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How Investments in Muay Thai is growing across the worlds

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In my recent visit to Thailand, I discovered a trend which I did not find 5 years ago (in my last visit); Lots of Muay Thai camps are now springing up in almost every corner among the large cities and few others also in the countryside.   

While you can attribute this trend to the growing influence of Muay Thai training in daily fitness and wellness routine, a bigger factor is how the business of Muay Thai is booming in recent years. People no longer practice the sport; they now ‘romance’ it as well.  

General Business Concepts 

Business is a global concept, and once you can offer value or satisfy the needs of people, they will always come to you. From creating a business to marketing or advertising, you need to show people how important this business is to them.  

Also, if you are investing in a business, you need to choose a model that is simple, understandable, and has a clear path of making you money (nothing illicit or hidden). 

Finally, when creating a business, don’t make it too complex for your customers or users else they will turn away. With the use of a good marketing strategy and advertisements, draw customers close to your investments. 

How you can invest in the growing Muay Thai market 

Muay Thai possesses all these tips that are listed above, and this is a major reason why there are lots of investments in the sport recently.  

  • Investing in a Muay Thai camp/gym 

If you possess the funds, time, and energy, then you should build a Muay Thai camp/gym. You can make your gym special by offering related services like mental, physiological, and health training, and you can easily achieve this by employing the best staff around you. 

Alternatively, you can partner with others or become a shareholder in a big Muay Thai projects/camp; you will get your proportionate share of the profits. 

  • Invest by marketing for a Muay Thai camp 

Not all investments are about money. Most Muay Thai gyms/camps still employ older and ineffective forms of marketing their services.  As a marketing professional, you can offer to help them ‘push’ their service for a fair commission. There are lots of foreigners looking to register in training camps during their visits. Good marketing will help them to visit your camp.  

  • Invest by advertising your Muay Thai camps 

If you own a Muay Thai camp already, the most probable reason you are not getting a lot of traffic to your camps is due to a lack of promotions. You should invest in digital Media (logos, flyers, brochures) or paid ads and billboards to market your business, this will give it a big boost. 

The business of Muay Thai in Thailand 

Most training camps in Thailand such as www.muaythai-thailand.com get a lot of patronage from Thai people as a result of their love for the sport. The increasing practice of Muay Thai as a martial art and sport is making more foreigners troop into Thailand to learn the sport.  

In Thailand, you can invest by building good dorms, housing close to large camps (this will be a hotspot for Muay Thai lovers). You can also promote your local and international company by sponsoring Muay Thai competitions and festivals in Thailand.