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Must-have banking app for safe money transfers today

Best Money Transfer Apps for 2022 | CompareRemit


Most financial institutions, particularly banks, help their customers access banking services and manage money from any place. Customers are encouraged to use unique features and options on mobile banking apps and have an easy and convenient banking experience. 


You can open a savings account online on a banking app from anywhere and use every unique feature brilliantly. When you open a zero-balance account through the app, you do not need to maintain any minimum balance. Apart from this, you gain attractive interest for the amount you have in your online savings account. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank helps you open a suitable savings or current account instantly online. Other than this, it also helps you:


  • Easily manage your bank account 


The main objective of using an online banking app is to manage your bank account and money transactions in the most effective way. With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, you can link multiple bank accounts of different banks and manage them in the best ways. Anyone eligible to open a bank account can use the app by downloading it from the PlayStore and completing the net banking registration process. The app permits you to check the balances of your different bank accounts and enables instant money transfers from one account to another. 


  • Make payments via UPI Code 


The mobile app with an integrated UPI payment app allows you to make online money transfers and money payments instantly. Using a BHIM UPI app, you can pay bills, transfer money to another account, and invest in equity or mutual funds. 


Furthermore, the app safeguards your data with comprehensive security features such as biometric authentication and verification of physical metrics. The ATM locator featured in the mobile app helps you locate the nearest ATM or branch, which will help you during your travels. 


  • Pay using a Bharat QR code


Transferring money using the Bharat QR code with IDFC FIRST Bank is safe. You can scan and pay through one of these quickest payment methods. The Bharat QR code is two-dimensional barcode information to make a payment to a merchant through your card.


The Bharat QR Code payments include VISA, MasterCard, RuPay, and American Express cards issued by any bank such as IDFC FIRST Bank. Some of the payment features are QuickPay, an online recharge facility, prompt reminders, and instant payment confirmations.


  • Make payments through net banking


The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app has a net banking option for online transfers to the eCommerce website. You can shop online without any difficulty and pay through different payment options such as NEFT and IMPS. All you have to do is:


  • Visit and buy from an e-commerce merchant website
  • Click on the ‘Pay now’ tab, 
  • Choose from the payment options
  • Select the ‘Net banking’ option
  • Enter your login details 
  • Enter your bank ID and password 
  • Confirm the amount and click on the pay
  • Enter the transaction password and OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number
  • Confirm the transaction 


  • Payment using Easy Buy Card


Many banks help customers shop easily online or offline through Easy Buy Card. It helps you pay through the cardless EMI option using the card limit. For it, you can choose the product you want to buy at the merchant’s website partnered with the bank, select the ‘Cardless EMI’ option and the EMI plan, and complete it by providing the OTP received on your mobile. 


You can now use different safe money transfer options and have a personalized banking experience on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app.