Common Shortcomings of the Rookie traders

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Most of the time, newbies make some common mistakes in trading and get bad results. They make mistakes because they fail to understand the condition of the market. In Forex, if you do not recognize the profitable trade setups, you might miss the chances of making a profit. So, being a trader, you have to know about the ins and outs of the market so that you can trade properly. However, newcomers have a lack of knowledge about the market. For this reason, they can’t avoid making mistakes. 

To learn about the mistakes which are responsible for losing money in the market, you have to go through this article. We hope this article will help you to learn about the mistakes which you make often. 

No preparation

If you do not have good preparation, you can’t give a good performance. Day by day, the Forex market is becoming highly competitive and endurance of mental strength plays a crucial role. So, being a trader, if you do not take the preparation properly, you can’t survive in this competitive industry. To win a trade, you have to gain knowledge about the market which will help you to choose the best trade. Most of the time, because of the lack of preparation, traders can’t take the right steps and make errors. 

Not using the stop-loss

Some traders depend on the mental stop-loss and fail to limit the loss. Remember, to manage the risk, as a trader, you must use the SL price level. If you do not place the SL properly, you can’t control the risk factor. On the other hand, if you place the SL properly, you do not need to monitor the situation of the market continuously. This means in the market goes down, the trade will automatically be closed at the stop-loss point. Moreover, by setting the stop-loss, you might guess if the situation is worse, how much money you might lose. So, if you intend to trade the options market with Saxo Bank, always trade with protective stops. Be prepared to deal with losses and take rational steps to improve your performance.

Lack of patience

Many traders think they will gain success easily in Forex. So, they do not focus on preparing themselves and think about the outcomes. So, they start overtrading or take the high risk in one trade. But, they forget that if they do not improve their trading process, they will not get good outcomes. Bear in mind, to gain success, you have to take time to make yourself ready for trading. To be prepared as a trader, you have to develop a good plan, improve your skills, and build knowledge about the market, and so on. But, newbies lose their patience within a short time and fail to become ready for the trading battle. So, being a newbie, you have to improve your patience by learning the key difference between fundamental and technical analysis.  Once you have the mental strength to stay in the sideline, you can easily wait for the good signals.

Keeping no record

Without keeping a record of your previous trades, you can’t assess your previous performances. To increase the profit factor, you have to improve your trading performances. For this reason, you need to keep a record of your previous trades so that you can realize how you can make progress. 

Uncontrolled emotions

Due to the uncertainty of the market, newbies can’t ignore their emotions. During the trading hour, if they fail to make profits, they become depressed. Sometimes, depression forces them to start revenge trading. As a consequence, they react to the market aggressively and thus lose a huge amount of money. To become a successful trader, you have to take control of your emotions. To do this, you might take a short break after losing two consecutive trades. During this break, you can go to the park to think about your future actions. 

The above mistakes are responsible for the big failures of newbies. Once, they can learn to avoid these, they will start to make profits like the pro traders.